Waste Removal And Recycling

Waste Removal And Recycling a blue skip truck removing rubbish from a house

Keep On Top Of Your Rubbish This Year.

Waste Removal And Recycling might not be on your to-do list this Christmas. However, getting a professional company to remove unwanted items is necessary when clutter becomes problematic. A good clearout is sometimes the only way to proceed, especially with only a few weeks before Christmas. However, you want a company to drop a skip on the day you need it and pick it up as soon as possible.

The last thing you need is a skip outside your house on Christmas day. So here at Hanley’s, we will strive to finish all Waste Removal And Recycling skips before the big day.

Family Time This Christmas.

At Hanley’s, we love spending quality time with our expanding family, and Christmas time is no exception. But of course, we know that work has to carry on, and we have an incredible team to do the job. If you need a skip this Christmas, look no further than DJ Hanley’s skip-hire and waste services. We take most items and comprehensively list what you can put into a skip and what can’t go in.

Or have our team come over and remove the rubbish for you while you have quality time with your family. However, this option is subject to times and dates when we are free.

Waste Removal And Recycling!

What do we do with your rubbish? This is a question that our team is often asked when taking or filling a skip. Hanley’s is a family-run business with a third generation of members taking up the house removal and waste management tradition. As the owner, I enjoy nothing more than the voice of younger generations having their say about Waste Removal And Recycling.

We recycle as much of your waste as possible; even old mattresses are taken apart and repurposed. Your waste wood is fine-chipped and reused for several different environmentally friendly purposes.

White Goods And Prohibited Items.

When filling your skip, start with the heavier items. This can include oversized, bulky things like fridges, cookers and freezers. Keep filling the skip until you reach the top. Meanwhile, you might find rubbish that can’t be put into a skip during your clearout. (Animal Remains or carcasses, Asbestos, Batteries, Chemical waste, Contaminated soil & stones, Fluorescent light bulbs/lighting, Hazardous hospital waste, Paints or empty paint tins).

First, don’t worry. Please phone our office, and one of our experienced team members will tell you what to do. These items are usually picked up separately when we collect the skip. These prohibited items go to another part of our Waste Removal And Recycling.

Fully Licensed and insured.

Whoever you get to remove your rubbish this year, ensure they are fully licensed and insured. For instance, all our skip trucks have a license number, and each skip has a traceable number. Furthermore, we also have a permit from the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCP). Permit number NWCPO – 19 – 12233 – 01.

We wish you a Merry Christmas from all at Hanley’s in Newtownmountkennendy. 

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