Waste Recycling
Your one-stop-shop for waste management and recycling 

On average 60 to 70 percent of the skip’s contents will be eligible for waste recycling.  All waste management companies should have a waste permit number. Therefore, before you book a provider, ask for its waste permit number.

We take great pride in the reliable and efficient management of the waste matter we collect.  We transform as many of the items you don’t want as possible into reusable and recyclable materials. Showing the utmost respect for our environment is our priority.

Can anything go in a skip?

A full list of sites for waste recycling in your area will be on your city or county council website. However, hazardous waste such as lead batteries and half-full paint cans should not be put in a skip. Whereas, empty paint cans can be put in.

Hanley’s Waste does accept old mattresses, although some skip companies will not.  This is because they have to be broke down into their various components go to recycling separately. We do all of this as part of our recycling and reusing policy.

*We are also happy to arrange to collect, and properly dispose of end-of-life vehicles.*

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