The Overlooked Skip Bag

The Overlooked Skip Bag Blog Image of DJ Hanly's 3 Skip Bag and Blue Skips

Declutter With a Hanley Skip Bag

Skip hire is very popular, but the overlooked skip bag is often a better choice. In addition, skip bags have many benefits and suit many customers with smaller projects. We all tend to hang on to a few items here and there, but these few build up over time.

Soon we become overwhelmed with clutter in our home and need a good old-fashioned clear out, or ‘spring clean’ if you will. Sometimes there is no better way to clear your mind and feel less stressed than to clear out in your home and personal space. As the saying goes, “Having a simplified, uncluttered home is a form of self-care”, Emma Scheib.

Skip bags are the best way to get rid of clutter in your home. In addition, they take up a lot less space in driveways or outside the home. Also, they are a cheaper alternative to skips, which is a plus, given the economic climate we are in today.

The Overlooked Skip Bag Is Affordable

For instance, the skip bag delivery and collection price is €100, which is very competitive. Skip hire is based on a three working day turnaround, whereas you can hire skip bags for as long as suits the customer. This puts people under less pressure to fill it in a specific time frame.

We advise customers to ensure that when filling their skip bag, it is in a suitable location. For instance, is it accessible for the truck to come and collect it? So take care when filling the skip bag, and make sure we can pick it up safely.

Many customers always have a spare skip bag in their home, easily stored when unused. So when the time comes for a clearout, they are already prepared to start the process.

When we collect a skip bag, customers often get another at the time of collection. This ensures they are always on top of clutter management in their home. As a result, they do not let clutter build up to be a more significant undertaking than it must be.

Easy To Use And Store

It is a very convenient item to have in your home for your next DIY project, clear out or garden clearance. Many items can be put into a skip bag as the bags are very sturdy. Items such as concrete, soil etc., are the only items we do not recommend putting into the bag. The Overlooked Skip Bag is perfect for green garden waste, old unwanted furniture, toys etc.

Our skip bag service is excellent, reliable and competitive. We pride ourselves on superb reliability and guarantee a pleasant service second to none. Furthermore, our friendly office team is always available to answer any questions.

At, Hanleys, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy with our service. We always try to cater to any customer’s specific needs as we understand that not everyone’s situation is the same.

Hanleys Go Further For You

Many of our customers are regular; they know good, reliable service is hard to come by. However, good customer care is standard at DJ Hanley’s skip hire. We have expanded our service areas to include South Dublin, such as Cherrywood, Leopardstown, Carrickmines and Sandyford. This branching out to newer areas is due to customers requesting us to service these areas.

Our clientele builds daily because we offer a personal touch with outstanding customer service and reliability. In addition, customers know we offer a service with a timeline they can trust. So whether you are in building trade or beginning your next home makeover or clear out, the overlooked skip bag might suit you best.

So whether you require a skip hire or skip bag service, DJ Hanley’s has you covered at the right price and time. Call our team to order your next skip/skip bag, and let us look after your waste needs. Freephone 1800 303 169 or 01 2810416 or email