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    How Skip Bags Work

    DJ Hanley’s waste collection & skip hire in Greystones

    DJ Hanley's Blue Stacked Skips Standing Beside Three Yellow Skip Bags.

    These skip bags are the smallest skips we deliver to our customers. They are made from a strong nylon material and are perfect for small clearouts. Skip bags take up space of half a car size, and the customer places it where they want it. But remember, you must put it where the skip truck can reach it safely.

    Skip bags are ideal for small garage cleanouts and garden waste. Unfortunately, empty or full paint tins can’t be placed in skip bags or skips. However, your local recycling centre will take all paint cans for free.

    Another service offered to our customers is collecting all skip bags. It doesn’t matter who you got your skip bag from or what size it is. We can collect and dispose of it properly. Prices vary for different size skip bags, and please phone our office for more information.

    Have you had an unsightly skip bag in your garden or driveway for longer than you intended? Now with the nice weather fast approaching, wouldn’t it be nice to see the back of it? We will collect all skip bags in the South Dublin/Wicklow areas promptly and at a competitive price.

    Garden or building waste, such as soil and stones, generally weighs twice its volume. This is a factor to consider when filling a skip bag. For example, you can only fill a one-tonne skip bag to its halfway mark. Therefore, overfilling a skip bag will make it much heavier than the handles can cope with. In addition, an over-filled skip bag might burst or tear when we lift it.

    Furthermore, the longer you leave a skip bag in your driveway, the more it will attract scavengers. Or, even worst, neighbours filling the skip bag with their rubbish. Also, you will notice that the contents of your skip will change every night as scavengers take advantage. These people usually look for scrap metal and may leave its contents all over your driveway.

    When you see a skip in a neighbour’s garden, asking permission before taking anything from it is good etiquette.

    DJ Hanleys Skip Truck

    What can I put into my Skip Bag?

    Allowed Items

    Green Circle with a white tick in the center for Allowed Items in a skip.

    Skip bags are intended for the disposal of household and garden waste.

    • Carpet / Flooring
    • Garden Waste
    • General Waste
    • Mixed Metals
    • Subsoil / Topsoil
    • Pottery & China
    • Wood and Wood Products
    • Paper and Cardboard Products
    • Roofing (no asbestos)
    • Windows and Doors
    • Kitchen Renovation Waste
    • Bathroom Renovation Waste
    • Electrical Goods such as microwaves, televisions, stereos, DVD players

    Prohibited Items

    Red Circle with a white cross in the center for Prohibited Items in a skip.
    • Batteries
    • Contaminated soil & stones
    • Fluorescent light bulbs/lighting
    • Hazardous hospital waste (including sharp containers etc.)
    • Inks
    • Paints or empty paint tins
    • Waste oils
    • Photographic waste
    • Pressurised vessels (e.g. fire extinguishers)
    • Gas Bottles & Cylinders
    • Food Waste, including raw meats
    • Human or animal waste
    • Large Tree Roots

    Need to get rid of something from the ‘Not accepted’ list?

    One of our friendly team will be happy to help you – with no obligation.


    You can order your Hanley skip bag online here, and one of our team will contact you with payment options. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

    Yes, we collect all Skip Bags of all sizes, no matter who owns them. The price will vary by the size of the bag you want to be picked up.

    No, you don't need to be there if you have prepaid for your collection. Payments for collection can be made over the phone by Credit Card/Debit Card.

    Careful deliberation of where you place your skip bag is critical. For instance, ensure that our drivers can collect your skip bag safely and that our trucks can reach it.

    Our trucks use a Hydraulic Lifting crane with a top reach of four metres. Also, ensure your skip bag is within four metres of a public road or private drive. The driveway or street must be wide enough to fit our trucks. Hanley's trucks need a drive or road at least three meters wide.

    Once you start to fill your skip bag, it can't be moved unless you empty it first. Dragging the skip bag will damage it and might lead to the bottom falling out of it when we lift it.

    Areas we collect from include Leopardstown, Carrickmines, Cherrywood, Stepside, Cabinteely, Rathmichael, Loughlinstown, Shankhill, Bray, Greystones, Delgany, Newtownmountkennedy, Roundwood, Wicklow Town, Arklow, Laragh and the surrounding areas of North Wicklow.

    No, because they're made of woven polypropylene which is 100% recyclable.

    No, Skip Bags are not reusable as there loaded onto the truck when collected.

    When your DJ Hanley's Waste Skip Bag is ready to pick up, you can book your collection online. Call us on 01 281 0416 or contact us here.

    DJ Hanley's Skip Bags suit light builders' waste and home D.I.Y. projects. For example, kitchen or bathroom renovations or garden and shed clearance. Heavy materials like soil, stone and rubble should be kept to a minimum. Overfilled skip bags will be too heavy for our skip truck to lift.

    You can't use skip bags to dispose of hazardous materials. For instance, batteries of any kind, paint, gas bottles (even if empty), tyres, pesticides, asbestos, domestic or food waste, oil, florescent lighting, clinical wastes, animal remains or faeces, contaminated soil or rubble etc. If you are unsure about any materials you might want to put into the Skip Bag, please get in touch with us.

    The Skip Bag must be filled to level load only. Please do not fill the Skip Bag past the level marked. We cannot lift any Skip Bags that are overweight.

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