How We Recycle Waste at DJ Hanley’s Skip Hire

How we recycle your waste at DJ Hanley's Skip Hire Blog image of a blue bin, clouds, mountains, and DJ Hanley Truck.

We Landfill Less and Recycle More

Hanleys is a family-run company that treats your waste differently. Below we have broken down How We Recycle Waste at DJ Hanley’s Skip Hire. So you can enjoy decluttering your house, garage and shed without worrying about filling the land with rubbish.

In today’s world, climate change is a severe and controversial topic. However, Ireland may be a small country, but our recycling rate is outstanding compared to many other countries.

We as a nation should always seek out the best ways to help protect our environment, whether it’s as simple as recycling your next can of coke or committing to try walking more and using the car less when it comes to short distances. We recognise the need to recycle everything we possibly can from skips that we collect.

This is why we encourage customers to try keeping specific waste together. In addition, we offer various discounts for those who keep specific items together, such as wood, green garden waste, concrete etc. Furthermore, we have a full waste permit to dispose of waste, and our permit number is NWCPO – 19 – 12233 – 02.

How We Recycle Waste at DJ Hanley’s Skip Hire

We segregate all waste materials into sections for recycling correctly and in an environmentally friendly way. For example, we accept mattresses in our skips, which many skip-hire companies don’t. So when the mattresses arrive back at our facility, we strip them down into separate parts. Then, we recycle the wire with metal, and the material and horsehair go to equestrian arenas.

Furthermore, all old metal/ aluminium garden furniture and broken bicycles get smelted into new materials. In addition, old wooden garden sheds, fencing etc., get turned into woodchips and reused as wood pellets for wood-burning stoves.

We ensure all waste from DJ Hanley’s Skip Hire is recycled. Meanwhile, we have set systems to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Recycling is straightforward once a good strategy is in place. This is where we have excelled, as our system for waste segregation is very efficient. In addition, we train our staff to make the best recycling decisions for every skip.

DJ Hanley’s Skip Hire Information

Communication amongst our team is critical as we stay in close contact to ensure minimal waste. However, our highly trained staff never dump anything that has recycling potential. In addition, We have many loyal customers who use our service a lot for work, such as builders etc. Over time we have discussed with these customers the best way to fill a skip efficiently.

These loyal customers also segregate certain items to help our team recycle more efficiently. Also, they will call our office on the best way to dispose of certain things before putting them in our skips. Our experienced team are always on hand to help with customer enquiries. For instance, some things can’t go into our skips, such as paint cans empty or full.

However, you can dispose of all paint cans at your local recycling centre. We also do not take any domestic waste, such as food, as this attracts rodents.

Working Together For a Cleaner Environment

At DJ Hanley’s Skip Hire, we firmly believe we can help keep our carbon footprint down. So if we all work together and are mindful of what waste we dispose of. Also, remember some people’s trash becomes another person’s product.

Some products need some TLC to enjoy a new lease on life. By recycling as much as possible from all the waste we collect, we are working towards our next generation’s future to be in a much better position than if we sat back and did nothing.

We can keep climate change to the bare minimum if we all start to make small, conscious efforts. These subtle changes will enrich our everyday life to lessen the impact on our environment. Whilst we cannot do it all alone, we will do our utmost to reduce our environmental impact with our rigorous recycling methods.

Therefore, when you use DJ Hanley’s skip hire services, you can trust that you are doing your bit for the environment, too, as we will recycle all of your waste to the best it can be. So when you require a skip hire service, call DJ Hanley’s on Freephone 1800 303 169 or 01 2810416 to take your waste recycling to the next level.