Easy Preparation For Winter Ready Homes

Easy Preparation For Winter Ready Homes Garden Flooded With Water

Blocked Drains Cause Havoc!

Preparing Your Home for Winter is easier with our Easy Preparation For Winter Ready Homes. With a small amount of work and simple tools, you can prepare your house for whatever the weather throws. But first, did you know that most backyard flooding comes from blocked drains and poorly maintained gutters and downpipes?

Below, we give several tips to help you prepare for heavy rain, snow and wet weather in general. So, buckle up, get your boots on and be one step ahead of your neighbours.

Easy Preparation For Winter Ready Homes: Rubbish!

The first step to Easy Preparation For Winter Ready Homes is looking over your entire property. For instance, your garden is your summer playground, which can become neglected as soon as the weather turns. However, with some easy maintenance, this is an easy fix and will put your mind at rest no matter how hard the rain comes.

Start by removing all the dead plants and small shrubs—prune trees, bushes and other greens that can blow into your drains and cause blockages. This effort will make the garden look better and give you a workout which will make you feel better. In addition, consider using a composter; you can also use this for all your green food waste.

Maintain Drains:

Check your drains and drain covers once the garden is clean and tidy. These are often overlooked; they get overwhelmed during the first heavy rain and cause flooding. First, put on heavy gardening gauntlet gloves. Then, remove the drain cover and reach into the drain to remove any debris. This might take several tries, but it will be worth the effort. Meanwhile, you can compost all the rubbish from your newly cleaned drain.

Furthermore, you can wash several buckets of water down your drains to ensure they run free. Use water from your water-collecting butts if you have them. If not, put them on next year’s list of things to get for Easy Preparation For Winter Ready Homes.

Gutter’s And Downpipes:

Your house will have several downpipes that work hard to keep water flowing from your roof. However, the gutters get dry and filled with leaves and dirt during the summer. Then, with heavy rain, they become overwhelmed, can’t cope and overflow. Overflowing gutters can cause leaks, dampness and fascia boards to rot.

However, you might need a professional to perform this maintenance as it can be challenging and dangerous. Once you finish this work, you can look around your garden and property and think job well done.

Garden Tools:

Before locking your garden shed for the winter, clean and oil all the tools used during the maintenance. Also, lock away children’s play toys and items that the winter will be hard on. These easy maintenance tips will prepare you for almost anything winter offers. Further, you might want to clear out broken or unwanted items during your garden cleanup.

Rubbish Removal:

During the Easy Preparation For Winter Ready Homes, you might also want to eliminate rubbish. DJ Hanley Waste and Skip Hire offer you a professional waste removal service. For instance, we recycle as much of our waste as possible, only giving it to landfills when necessary. We are the only bee-friendly skip-hire company in Ireland.

For instance, we ensure our premises are Bee-Friendly and have wildflowers and hives for our pollinators. DJ Handly’s is a family-run business with over forty years of experience looking after people in and around Dublin.

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